A.C.T. for a happy relationship: Affection, Communication and Trust

happy couple To maintain a loving relationship can sometimes be challenging. You each have choices in your relationship to make it happy. Every couple creates their own agreements, habits and routines. Here are some tips for a lasting, happy relationship:

Show Affection

When you first meet, it is exciting for you both. Over time, excitement fades, but each partner can make a conscious effort to rekindle their feelings for one another. That means making a commitment to your partner's emotional needs even when that's not always easy. Actively share love and affection when it's needed in good times and bad. And when it's not expected. For example, surprise your partner for his/her retirement with a great gift from www.greatretirementgifts.com.

Be romantic

It's good to be romantic some of the time. A sincere compliment is always appreciated. Put some time aside to cuddle up and chat without the interference of kids, the television or your phone. Have a candle-lit dinner, go for a walk together under the stars or just inject a little romance into some of the places you go to as a surprise. If you collect your partner from work, greet them with a little gift whether it be a single red rose or a piece of downloaded music you think they would like.

Show 19: Shutter Rock UK


This week’s show is all about Shutter Rock! If you’re a Photographer in the UK right now, you should be fully aware of this fantastic movement. What started up as a small Facebook community, now boasts over 1000 members, frequent ‘Shoot Ups’ all over the country and now a unique event is planned for the Autumn of 2011 with some truly fantastic, inspiring guests.

PNL Guest interviewer Ria Mishaal Cooke takes the lead this show and sits down with Jaz Ampaw-Farr, founder and evangelist of the Shutter Rock movement. So sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy this week’s show. Maybe you’ll learn how adopting some of the Shutter Rock ethos can progress your career and business! read more

Show 18 : So you want to be a destination wedding photographer?

This week’s show is all about destination wedding photography. We’ll be walking through all you need to know from breaking in to the market to successfully running the wedding shoots themselves. So either if you’re an emerging photographer wanting to shoot abroad or already shooting overseas and want to pick up some great new tips, this show is just for you!

Firstly, joining me this week is the awesome Chanelle Segerius-Bruce from Segerius-Bruce Photography, based in Surrey, UK. Chanelle is on half of this amazing wedding photography team who are at the moment shooting all over the world for their adoring couples. read more

PNL: Reviews – Style Me Up Volume 1 – Tunes & Themes for Photographers

As I continue to create this comprehensive resource for both the emerging and professional photographer, it dawned on me the other day that there was one area that I hadn’t yet covered. Yes, thats right – every photographers achilles heel…new products and services!
It seems like every day theres a new product or service that comes out with the promise of changing our photographic lives for the better. So I was thinking that we could help each other out by getting all you fantastic PNL viewers to review all the hot new products and feed back to us all via video. read more

Show 16 : To outsource or not to outsource, that is the question (Part Two)

Hey Guys, I’m really excited to bring you part two of this two part feature all about outsourcing parts of your photography workflow.

Outsourcing is something that’s really worth considering if you feel that either you’re spending too much time in front of your screen or maybe there are elements of your workflow which you just don’t particularly enjoy and think that someone else could do it for you! freeing up some valuable time for you to do the things that only you can do such as networking, shooting etc. read more

Show 15: Posing 101

Hey Guys, I’m really looking forward to bring you folks a show all about Posing, something you’ve all been asking me about recently.

The art of posing our subjects is so, so important if we want to achieve fantastic looking images. It can really set your photography apart from the competition and theres no end to the creativity, but knowing the basics of how the human body moves and the psychology around posing enables you to work more effectively and efficiently with the best results.

Firstly, joining me for this show is Zoe Richards who runs the fantastic ‘Zoe Photography’ in Liverpool, UK. Zoe is predominantly a wedding and portrait photographer but also runs ‘Studio Volution’, an awesome educational tool for photographers which mixes informative articles, dedicated webinars and offers one-on-one mentoring for photographers wanting to take their businesses to the next level. read more

Show 10 : So you want to be a pet photographer?


This week’s show is all about pet photography. We will be discussing everything you ever wanted to know from getting your first shoots, walking through some recommended equipment, approaches to the shoot, how to deal with unruly animals, initial marketing ideas and sharing some cool stories along the way.

Firstly, joining me this week is Lesley Wood from Lesley Wood Photography in Cheshire, UK. Lesley was honoured to have been awarded the “UK Pet Photographer of the Year” in January 2009 by the SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers) and is also a member of the SINWP (Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers). Also a degree qualified biologist, Lesley has a love and understanding of animals and their behaviour. read more

Show 09 : Capturing Captivating Child Portraits

This week’s show is all child portrait photography. We will be discussing effective approaches in child portraiture around such topics as how to relate to your little subjects and their parents alike to gain effective images, which images sell and how to how to aproach unco-operative children. We will talk through common scenarios and discuss ways how we can best manage all of this to achieve the best outcome in all areas. Jo_de_Banzie

Firstly, joining me this week is the awesome Jo de Banzie from London, UK. Jo specialises in children’s portraiture, producing images with a lyrical, wistful quality. Her long-term interests in landscape photography has had a profound influence on the way she chooses to photograph people. Her work is shot entirely on location, where her subjects are placed within the context of their lives. Using natural light, and borrowing from the landscape, incorporating detail, texture and movement. Jo’s images capture the spirit of childhood through a series of glimpsed moments. read more

Show 02: So You Want to be a Live Music Photographer?

This week’s show is all about live music photography. It’s something that I’m really passionate about and so I’m really excited the two guests we have on. We will be discussing all you need to know from starting out, making the right connections and having the right attitude, all the way through to getting those all important gigs themselves.
Firstly, joining me this week is pro live music photographer Steve Gerrard, who in the past has photographed the likes of U2, Jay-Z, Kings of Leon & Elton John to name but a few, for publications like Kerrang!, NME & Rocksound magazine. Steve is based in Birmingham, UK and is also the founder of Birmingham Live which was launched to help upcoming music photographers and writers gain exposure. Steve is also a prolific Wedding & Portrait photographer. read more

Show 01 : The Importance of Training

This week’s show is all about training. Whether it be practical photography training or learning how to shape your business, a good training foundation is key when starting out as a photographer.

Joining me this week is pro wedding photographer Jeff Turnbull, who also runs Excel Photography Training in Essex, UK and emerging pro photographer James Neale who is based in Norfolk, UK.