A.C.T. for a happy relationship: Affection, Communication and Trust

happy couple
To maintain a loving relationship can sometimes be challenging. You each have choices in your relationship to make it happy. Every couple creates their own agreements, habits and routines. Here are some tips for a lasting, happy relationship:

Show Affection

When you first meet, it is exciting for you both. Over time, excitement fades, but each partner can make a conscious effort to rekindle their feelings for one another. That means making a commitment to your partner’s emotional needs even when that’s not always easy. Actively share love and affection when it’s needed in good times and bad. And when it’s not expected. For example, surprise your partner for his/her retirement with a great gift from www.greatretirementgifts.com.

Be romantic

It’s good to be romantic some of the time. A sincere compliment is always appreciated. Put some time aside to cuddle up and chat without the interference of kids, the television or your phone. Have a candle-lit dinner, go for a walk together under the stars or just inject a little romance into some of the places you go to as a surprise. If you collect your partner from work, greet them with a little gift whether it be a single red rose or a piece of downloaded music you think they would like.

Remember significant dates and buy a gift that suits your partner’s tastes. They may have dropped hints about what they would like, if you’ve been listening! Personalise a gift with their pet name or a favourite saying you share.

Be intimate

Affection isn’t just the holding of hands, a kiss or a cuddle. Become comfortable with each other emotionally as well as physically. Share not just your body, but your heart, your mind and your soul. Know that when you look into each others eyes that more than words are communicated. If your partner likes it, show affection in public by holding hands, a kiss on the cheek or a light touch shows you care.


Communicate about anything and everything. Make time to chat to each other about what’s happening in your lives. Celebrate achievements, encourage ambitions and share your deepest thoughts, hopes and dreams.

Be genuinely interested in your partner’s life. Discuss what aspects of your relationship you would like to improve and both agree on what’s possible. Set yourself a daily challenge to do at least one nice thing for your partner.

There are disputes in every relationship, whether it is because the toilet roll hasn’t been replaced or because you’ve embarrassed your partner without realising it. Settle disputes peacefully. Talk until the issue has been resolved. Acknowledge the problem, take responsibility and apologise. Keep things in perspective and talk about specifics about how you feel. Is it really worth fighting over the toilet roll when they do so much else that you appreciate?

Listen to each other. Sometimes your partner may just want to sound off. Let them. Don’t feel you need to fix their problems, just hear them out and show compassion.

If you are upset by something, don’t let it fester. Tell your partner. When you argue, don’t shout or be harsh with your words. Ease into criticism gently, with a smile and a loving heart. If you can’t agree, look for a compromise or a different solution.


Be respectful. Keep intimate matters private between the two of you. Do not disclose confidences or sensitive details without permission. Understand your partner’s differences and accept them. You cannot pressure someone to change their opinions or ways of doing things.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. These are the foundations on which trust in more challenging situations are built. There are always times when life is difficult for us as individuals on a practical and emotional level. Support each other. To know that your partner is there to comfort, reassure, and encourage you is a great strength.

Spend time together and some time apart too. Pursue your hobbies, but keep your relationship as your highest priority. Keep in contact with your friends as they’ll keep you grounded when you’re facing challenges. Give your partner the freedom to meet their friends too and try and get along with them.

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