PNL: Reviews – Style Me Up Volume 1 – Tunes & Themes for Photographers

As I continue to create this comprehensive resource for both the emerging and professional photographer, it dawned on me the other day that there was one area that I hadn’t yet covered. Yes, thats right – every photographers achilles heel…new products and services!
It seems like every day theres a new product or service that comes out with the promise of changing our photographic lives for the better. So I was thinking that we could help each other out by getting all you fantastic PNL viewers to review all the hot new products and feed back to us all via video.

It was so important for me that again we pass the spotlight over to some new faces for these reviews and get some real life reviews from real, passionate photographers and in tern enhance profiles and create opportunity.

Today’s video see’s Heline Bekker review ‘Style Me Up – Volume 1′ from design supremo Melissa Love.


As well as creating awesome websites and branding for photographers, Melissa now offers licensed music for photographers to use on their websites, videos and slideshows. This really has been a gap in the market, especially in the UK, over the past few years as photographers were faced with the grey area of what music they could and couldn’t use when showcasing their work. So now photographers can purchase either individual tracks or a full album directly from Melissa’s site, so you can get going straight away and create that eye-popping presentation that will leave your competitors at the door.

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