PNL: Grow – Adam Alex introduces the Adam Alex Workshops – UK Photography Training

You know, I was thinking the other day. We have been so lucky lately with all the fabulous learning opportunities available to photographers in the UK. So I kinda put myself in the place of someone looking for a cool workshop to go on, what would I want to know? Sure, you can get some info from the website and maybe throw a few emails over to the hosts but what I’d really want is the educator telling ME, one on one, what I could expect and what I would get out of the experience. Because after all, great training is a big investment and so I thought we would really need to get the full lowdown before we opened our wallets. SO! I’d like to introduce ‘PNL:Grow’ a new slot to the PNL family where I will be talking, one on one, with the educators that are hosting THE hottest workshops in the industry.

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PNL: Reviews – Devlin Photos Vintage Photoshop Actions: Set III

As I continue to create this comprehensive resource for both the emerging and professional photographer, it dawned on me the other day that there was one area that I hadn’t yet covered. Yes, thats right – every photographers achilles heel…new products and services!

It seems like every day theres a new product or service that comes out with the promise of changing our photographic lives for the better. So I was thinking that we could help each other out by getting all you fantastic PNL viewers to review all the hot new products and feed back to us all via video.

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