PNL: Grow – Zach & Jody Gray introduce The In-Camera Photography Workshops UK Photography Training

You know, I was thinking the other day. We have been so lucky lately with all the fabulous learning opportunities available to photographers in the UK. So I kinda put myself in the place of someone looking for a cool workshop to go on, what would I want to know? Sure, you can get some info from the website and maybe throw a few emails over to the hosts but what I’d really want is the educator telling ME, one on one, what I could expect and what I would get out of the experience. Because after all, great training is a big investment and so I thought we would really need to get the full lowdown before we opened our wallets. SO! I’d like to introduce ‘PNL:Grow’ a new slot to the PNL family where I will be talking, one on one, with the educators that are hosting THE hottest workshops in the industry.

This episode of PNL Grow features Zach & Jody Gray from Gray Photography. We talk about their hugely successful 3-day workshops and their exclusive ‘ShutterRock Stomp’ especially for UK Photographers.

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